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I’ve created three screencasts of Google Streetview.

An Introduction to Streetview: the basic interface.

Streetview and The Grassy Knoll: using Streetview to explore Dealy Plaza, site of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Embedding Streetview: using the onboard embed code to place Streetview maps into any tool that accepts embed code, in this demo I use a pbWiki page.

The screencasts were done in Camtasia and uploaded into my account. allows you to create playlists which have an RSS feed. I plan on producing several more, so subscribe to the feed if you are interested.

Access the playlist. Enjoy!

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I’m experimenting with Camtasia and to produce some screencasts that support my blog post from yesterday. In the post, I described how to use an online HTML editor to create content for Google Earth everest.jpgeverest.jpgplacemark windows, and how to put that content into a Google Earth placemark window. I’ve broken the screencasts into smaller clips to speed download as well as to give users a choice of specifically seeing what they are interested in. So here the are:

An Introduction to the Process (online HTML editor

Entering text and hyperlinks

Adding an image

Viewing the HTML Code

Adding a YouTube Video

Creating the Placemark file

I created these screencasts with Camtasia v4.0, but they could have also been created by using Jing or any other screen capture tool. The videos are hosted at which hopefully is available to most teachers (read “not blocked”). So far, I’m satisfied with (I have a basic account that I paid for, but free hosting is available) and see it as a nice alternative to YouTube and TeacherTube.

I’d be interested in your perceptions of the content, as well as how performed on your machine.

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