Here is what I will be presenting in Shanghai, assuming my visa arrives!

Towards a Vision of Visual Literacy Learning

Humans are anatomically built to process visually.  With that in mind, how can educators take advantage of the explosion of user-created visual content, the Web’s enormous capacity to distribute that content in multiple formats, and the high level of engagement that occurs when visual content is used in instruction?  This session explores a framework for understanding the process of helping students become more visually literate, and identifies the strategies and tools to do so.

Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives:  An Introduction to Digital Storytelling

Everyone has stories.  Stories can originate from a variety of sources, from one’s collective experience to a person’s imagination.  Digital storytelling is the process of capturing those stories, first by writing, and then by extending that writing by including powerful multimedia elements to make the story come alive.  In this presentation, we’ll explore the process of digital storytelling from its theoretical basis to the practical “how to” processes necessary to integrate this instructional technique into your teaching.  See examples of student digital stories and see a digital story created.  Leave the session with the ability to use the process of digital storytelling to create a magical learning experience for students.

Digital Storytelling 2.0: What’s Next?

You’ve started using the process of digital storytelling with kids. You’ve had success. But what’s next, and how can you grow your use, or your program? This session explores the new tools, the new media, and the new networks of digital storytelling that will enable students to further extend their voice, develop their message, and engage in a lifetime of creation and contribution.

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  1. Sounds like vintage Jakes, but with a twist. Wish I could be there to experience the mystique.

    I hear that China in September beats Texas in July.

  2. Jane Krauss says:

    Per session description #1, I’m interested in your ‘framework’ for making sense of visual content for instruction. I’ll browse your blog and see if I can find more on this. Have you written any books?

  3. Jane Krauss says:

    I found it! (I’m new to your blog, maybe that’s evident?)

  4. Hey David. This is to let you know that this blog is one of the four in the running for “Blog-o-the-month” at the Blogger’s Hut on ISTE Island in Second Life. This is a good-natured poll whose winners have been featured in the Hut’s RSS feed for inworld visitors to enjoy every month for a year now. Past winners are:

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    Oh! Second Life (now Oh! Virtual Learning–Scott Merrick :)

    Spread the word and encourage Second Life Educators to visit and to vote for your wonderful work for the month of November. The options this month are:

    “Dr. Z Reflects”–Leigh Zeitz

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    “The Strength of Weak Ties”–David Jakes

    “A Piece of My Mind”–Scott S. Floyd

    I’ll have a celebration post at my own blog at up in a bit. Congrats!

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