Game Changer.

Something, for some reason or reasons, changes the intended course of something else.

“The Apple iPad is a game changer.”


It’s not.

A game changer is when every kid in America shows up at school with a proper breakfast…

A game changer is when every school in America has the funding it needs…

A game changer is when schools are de-shackled from the bad laws of politicians…

A game changer is when we rebuild the crumbling infrastructure of schools, and have places to learn that reflect the kind of country we are, the kind of country we expect to be…

A game changer is when we have equity and consistency of educational opportunities in America…

A game changer is when communities place schools as their absolute number one non-negotiable priority…

A game changer is when every parent is vested in the daily activities of their sons and daughters…

A game changer is when teachers stand up and refuse to accept mediocrity among their ranks because what they do is too damn important not to…

A game changer is when education attracts the best, the brightest, the most committed and dedicated to the education profession…

A game changer is where every group, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity has a place in schools and that diversity is understood, accepted, celebrated and used as a source of unified strength…

A game changer is when every kid, every teacher feels safe in the place where they teach and learn…

My suggestion:  choose when to use those two words very carefully.

Why don’t you add your “game changers” to the comments?

16 Responses to “Words Matter | Game Changer”
  1. Rodd Lucier says:

    A game changer is when students and teachers have the freedom leverage tools and strategies that may not yet be ‘proven’ to improve learning.

  2. Melinda says:

    Well you took all mine so I can’t comment! WOW!
    A game changer is when educators can find balance in the demands of being a teacher, admin, etc. and their family….That would change my game at least:)
    This is a thought provoking post that I am not able to come up with quick “game changer” but it will make me think. Thank you again for pointing out the obvious!

  3. It might be useful for you to cite an instance of someone using the term in this context.

  4. DSJ says:

    @gary. I did, but I won’t attribute that specific instance to a person. Sorry.

  5. Ann Leaness says:

    A game changer is when we no longer consider the ability or success of a child by the sum of his/her standardized test scores.

  6. Sue Densmore says:

    A game changer is when all the stakeholders – students, teachers, admin, college admissions officials, business leaders, parents, and community members who aren’t parents – agree on what the heck we’re supposed to be doing, and then we make sure it happens.

  7. Dave Meister says:

    We have cheapened so many things by using phrases like game changer to describe ordinary things! I think a game changer would be when all of us noise makers in edublogger/edutwitter land would start making things happen instead of talking about them. You are right words matter, but at this point in the game we need more action than words!

  8. DSJ says:

    @everyone who added. All very good-agreed-thank you. @Dave-watch this space for my post tomorrow on exactly what you are talking about.

  9. A game changer is when the institution of school stops getting in the way of the purpose of school.

  10. It is both interesting and sad that every game changer listed has not happened (at least on a broad scale). Thanks for the thoughtful post!

  11. A ‘game’ changer is when education gets more good press than professional sport.

  12. My game changer would be when everyone realizes that school is merely one place where learning happens, and not THE place where learning happens.

  13. Brian Dvorak says:

    A Game Changer is when we start holding parents accountable for supporting their child’s educational success and stop putting it soley on the shoulders of educators and the government. Don’t get me started…

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  15. beer10 says:

    Game Changer.Something, for some reason or reasons, changes the intended course of something else.

  16. Steve Ransom says:

    A game changer is when the iPad 2 came out with not one camera. No. Two cameras! Not to mention, apps for every sort of kid to differentiate instruction and to lull them into compliance… oops, I meant engage them like never before. Heck, students may be hungry, neglected, bullied, frustrated, complacent, ashamed, bored,… but with a 1:1 iPad implantation, they’ll feel special and connect with/create content like never before possible. Why change the game when you can just buy a nice, shiny new game box cover so that everyone *thinks* its a new game? School 2.0.

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