Phemonmenal.  Unbelieveable.  Astonishing. Amazing things fill you with wonderment.

Many things on Twitter are also amazing.

Or are they?

You see that word a lot.  Everything new is amazing.  Seeing the word amazing in a tweet generally causes me to raise an eyebrow.

Because it’s simply overused and applied to things that are not.  At least not for me.

But I guess I can admit that some might have a lower threashold for what’s amazing, and that’s ok. 

“One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

That’s amazing.

A set of links on a wiki page is not.

Watching someone battle cancer with courage and grace, in spite of everything, is amazing.

Meeting your network at a conference is not.

Watching a child take their first step is amazing, watching them learn something for the very first time, that’s amazing.

A Glogster poster is not.

Being unselfish enough to run up a staircase in a burning tower to save your countrymen despite the odds that you won’t be making the return trip, well, that’s about as amazing as amazing can get.

You only have a 140 characters.

Reserve those 7 for something of meaning.



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6 Responses to “Words Matter | Amazing”
  1. Mark Fox says:

    Thanks for the post. I agree with you there; probably guilty of overdoing it too. It’s a bit like the over use of ‘awesome’. I like your last line in particular. Thankyou.

  2. I get what you’re driving at, David, but at the same time this feels a bit curmudgeony. What one defines as ‘amazing’ is directly connected to context, experience, place, time, etc. Like beauty, ‘amazing’ is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. DSJ says:

    @Matt: It’s interesting, anytime any one with an expectation for a different kind of experience, and one that might be beyond being enamored by every…single…thing, gets labeled as a curmudgeon.

  4. You know what else is “amazing” is the use of #edchat and how marginal it has become.

  5. Label aside, there is still a question there…who gets to decide what is ‘amazing’?

  6. sheri says:

    Just a thought, in my science class we are not allowed to use the word “things” or “stuff” or “something” or any word, not using anything, that has things attached, because they need to choose their vocabulary and Things is too easily used. Try to restate your post and not use things and it becomes more powerful! Words do matter!
    I thought your post was powerful, not amazing.

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