An explanation of some topic or topics, typically made by someone known as the presenter, to a group of people sitting in uncomfortable chairs while typing sound bites into the Twitter.

Or checking their email.

On Twitter, presentations are called presos, most likely in an attempt to conserve characters, but maybe not.  I’m not really sure.

There are multiple ways to give presentations, and multiple reason for doing so or not doing so, but most involve some sort of digital tool like PowerPoint, Keynote or the relative newcomer to the block, Prezi.

With Prezi you can zoom everywhere and that’s pretty darn cool.

It will also require that a healthy dose of Dramamine be passed out to the audience prior to the preso.

If you use PowerPoint, you might be accussed of Powerpointlessness.  Design carefully!

So, if I’m in the audience, here is what I’d like to see from you, in your design:

  1. Passion, heart and soul. Believe in what you are speaking about.  Let that show.
  2. Tell me stories.  I like them, and it allows me to relate to you as a person.
  3. Convince me.
  4. Make it visual.  Not clip art.  Use visuals to communicate, not to decorate.
  5. Oh, and use some words.  But no bullet lists.  And avoid the global killer of using Comic Sans
  6. Limit yourself.  One Hour = 45 slides…or maybe just 10.
  7. I came to hear you.  So, why exactly are you up on the stage and have the big picture in the program?
  8. Practice.  I’ll know if you didn’t.
  9. Perform.  Have some fun up there.  Make me want to check my email later.
  10. Share your ideas.

And Number 10 is the big one.  Anyone willing to stand up in front of people, whether they’re good at it or not, has my respect.

Sometimes you have to step away from Twitter, and ideas in 140 characters.  Step away from your blog as well, and do it face-to-face.

Twitter is easy.

So is putting your ideas in a blog.  Easy.

But at 8:59 when your presentation begins at 9 and all eyes are on you, that’s not.

Passion. Heart. Soul.

And in person.



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