Hallways are found everywhere.  They are corridors that enable people to get from Point A to Point B.

Hallways in schools have lockers in them and are inhabited by students copying each other’s worksheets.

Hallways in a typical school are most active before and after school, before learning has started and after learning for the day has ended.

At other times, typically for 5 minutes between classes, hallways are the analog equivilent of Facebook..

Besides lockers, hallways may have bulletin boards, display cases and pictures on the their walls.


What if a hallway had a web site?

What if a hallway had a Twitter account, a Facebook presence?

What if kids checked into their hallway on Foursquare or Yelp?

What if a hallway were spaces to learn at all times?

What if the climate of a school honored hallways as learning spaces?

What if there were flat panels so students could attach their devices?

What if there was some furniture, high cafe tables and chairs.  What if hallways were actually a comfortable place?

What if teachers were assigned to hallways as mentors and advisors, and not for just checking passes?

What if you didn’t need a pass to be in a hallway. 

What if friendly class competitions pitted Hallway AB vs Hallway CD?  See which hallway could learn the most, do the most social good…why freshman vs. sophomore, etc..?

What if there were infographics on the walls?

What if the hallways were the library?

More importantly, what if educators had the courage, the insight, and the desire to look at something old in a new way, to reinvent it, and in the process, rethink the spaces that serve our students education?

What if?

Just image all the reasons not to, why a school shouldn’t, imagine all the Yeah Buts. 

But maybe Yeah Buts should start being replaced with What If’s?




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