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What If?  The Hallway

You’ve probably realized by now that the most important focus of this presentation is to help change or reframe how you approach ideas, and how those ideas can be nurtured, improved, and amplified to create a new story.

To help unlock your thinking on how you approach new ideas, I’d like to present to you my first “What If” vignette:  The Hallway.

All hallways help people get from point A to Point B. 

Hallways are for storage of coats and books, and sometimes finishing up that homework before school.

But what if we created a new story for the hallway with “What If” thinking?

What if a hallway had a Twitter account?

What if a hallway had a Facebook account?

And what if you could check into your hallway on Foursquare?  What if you could become the mayor of your hallway?

Right now, are you intrigued by these ideas, or are you thinking “Yah But?”  Be honest with yourself.  What was your initial response to these three ideas centered on social media and hallways?

Maybe you’re wondering:  Why would you?   I’m wondering why you wouldn’t…

Yah But, who would post to the Twitter account?  Yah But, who would manage the Facebook profile?

I don’t have an answer, but aren’t those different and interesting questions to ask?

Are they solvable?

And what if we could create a social aspect to our hallways beyond the 5 minute analog Facebook passing period?  Could that serve a purpose?  Could that connect kids in a different way to their classmates?  Their school?

What if hallways had a blog site?

And what if students could be in hallways without a pass?  What if that was part of the school culture and students were entrusted with that responsibility, that opportunity?

What if the hallways were writeable?  What if a dry erase marker was standard issue to all students?

What if the hallways were more than cream-colored cinderblock?  What if school hallways were colorful and vibrant?  What if the culture of the school was enhanced by quotations from the school community, and contributed to a transparency of beliefs?

And what if stairwells did the same?  What if they were more than vertical egress routes?  And look at the image on the right-hallway as beacon, lit up at night, to show all who look, here is what we are and what we believe in.

Imagine QR codes on the walls, connecting kids to ideas and resources, while using their own devices…

Imagine also augmented reality hotspots in hallways that provided students with an additional information reality.  What if AR hotspots were part of a hallway learning game?

Or, you could have just have hallways.  You could be satisfied with just hallways.

The next time you walk down a school corridor or hallway, ask “What If?”

Begin developing that new story.  Challenge yourself to rethink, and to be open to possibilities and potential…


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