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What If? Swipe!

My second “ What if story”  is entitled Swipe, which is an intentional nod towards the motion of a finger across the surface of a tablet, such as an iPad.

When I was a kid, my mother used to read Digger Dan to me when I was about 4.  I couldn’t get enough Digger Dan.  Even when I look at book cover now, I can still recall that steam shovel…

This is a colleague’s   two year old using an iPad to listen to his father read him Toy Story.   He uses his finger to swipe to the next page…at 2 years old.

How has your reading changed over the last three years?  Do you still read paper?  Or has your reading shifted to a digital platform, where you turn digital pages with a swipe of your finger?

What is the new story of reading, and how much of it are we bringing to our students?  And yes, we have that responsibility.

What if we could access what we wanted to read via Project Gutenberg, and then access that content on a smartphone using a QR code?

What if I could change the dimensions of what we read by using Readability?

What if I could digitally store things I wanted to read in my own personal digital library on Diigo?

What if I could mark things I wanted  to read later with Instapaper?

And what if I read not only by myself, but with others with Book Glutton?

What if I read with a geographical content in Google Earth, with Google Lit Trips?

What if I could collect, or aggregate, different authors into one central location by using Google Reader?  What if the content flowed to me, what if that content followed me?

What if I could distill important ideas from what I read, and organize and tag that information into my Evernote account?

What if I could sync that information to my online Evernote account, and make it available in the cloud?

And what if I had mobile access to that information from a mobile Evernote account?  What if the information I read and distilled was available to me anywhere?

What if I took that information and repurposed it into a Posterous blog post?

What if I then distributed that post from Posterous to any number of individuals via social media?

What if I published what I wrote in a book using LuLu?

What if I created my own augmented reality book with Zooburst?

And what if I really used technology to accomplish something absolutely amazing…using technology to sign bedtime stories to deaf children?

Take a Playstation Portable and scan the QR code in the upper left…

And a video appears with a woman who signs the book to the child…

What if we could do all of this?  Well, we can. 

Right now. 

It’s all available.

Yet schools languish in a world entitled “What We’ve Always Done…”

What if educators taught students to leverage these tools?  How would that change how they view technology?  How would that change how they use technology, and how they learn with technology?

What would that story tell?

Most importantly, what if education was interested in this?

How would our story change?



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