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What If? | The Upshot

Creating a new story requires rethinking, but more importantly, the willingness to rethink, dream, and look for new possibilities.  Creating a new story requires that the author or authors of that new story cast aside the destructive Yah But mentality, and ask "What If?"

Education has always sought to change the story of the learners that have walked through the doors of schools.  That’s what schools have always done, opened doors when none were open. It’s the fundamental essence of education-to change the pathway of a person’s life.

But to continue with that mission, education itself needs to experience its own fundamental purpose, and develop a new path, a more relevant, open, responsive, and creative path, a new map for what we do and for those we serve. 

We need to create a new story.

And education itself has to compose that story, and not allow others to compose it for them.

It is not a time to be timid, it is not a time to withdraw, and it’s not a time to hide behind what we have always done.  It is a time to be bold, to make big plans, and tell our own story.  It is a time for reframing our thinking, and that begins with two simple words,

What If…

Over time, and with much hard work, we can turn What If to What Is

That can be our new story.



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