I'll be in Austin on February 8 and 9 doing two presentations at the 2012 TCEA Conference.  TCEA is undoubtably one of my favorite conferences as is Austin one of my favorite towns – you really can't beat the two together if you are interested in technology, learning, great food, and great Texas hospitality.  I'll be doing a session on rethinking how we approach technology entitled "Overcoming Technology Yah Buts" as well as a session on developing social media guidelines for schools, appropriately titled "Developing Social Media Guidelines."  Support materials are almost finished for both presentations and can be seen on my presentation site, or by clicking on the hyperlinks in this post.  I hope to see you there.

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  1. TCEA says:

    [...] be in Austin Texas for the 2012 TCEA Conference, one of my favorites. Read more at The Strength of Weak Ties… Filed Under: The Strength Of Weak [...]

  2. Jena Sherry says:

    Way to “dangle the carrot.” :) I’ve seen many tweets about this conference as well other comments in chats & blogs. I won’t be seeing you at the conference (or 6th Street) this year, but maybe in the near future…but I’m assuming we’ll for sure cross paths at ICE.

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