Your Marketing Team.

Copywriters. Graphic designers. Web developers. Account managers. A full-service marketing team, all under one roof. We can do it all, but not without the help of some pretty amazing team members who are passionate about growing your business.

Since 1990, Design At Work has relied on the talent and creativity of some of the best writers, designers and developers in the business to wow our clients and make us one of the top marketing firms in Houston. Our people are our biggest asset and this eclectic group of Baby Einsteins loves nothing more than creating the best and most intelligent work to help you grow your business.

Carly Olson


If you’re looking for a custom-built, personalized approach to copy and content, Carly’s who you want on your team.

With more than 12 years of marketing and copywriting experience under her belt, she’s worked for an impressive list of industries from retailers to professional services; nonprofits to restaurants. Previously a freelance marketing and business development consultant, Carly is well versed in working with different clients every day on their long-term business objectives, all with unique visions, value propositions and working styles.

No matter what your industry, timeline, content needs or business phase, Carly is extremely adaptive and can work with you to craft the perfect message for any project. She is skilled at pivoting copy and content needs with your evolving brand and works with you to make sure your final project is exactly how you envisioned it.

Carly is a New England transplant with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s degree from Green Mountain College in Vermont. Before joining Design At Work as a Senior Copywriter, she spent the last several years managing content strategy, branding and public relations for national and international companies. No matter her role over the years, Carly has always been the designated copywriter for her team, and her knack for storytelling and unique content is sure to shine through on your next project.