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Category: Graphic Design

illustration of a person responding to various typography

More Than Words: How Typography Taps into Your Feelings

Have you ever wondered how typography can make you feel? It may come as a surprise, but the choice of typefaces, fonts, styles, layout and hierarchy communicates a wealth of information to viewers — whether they are aware of it or not. Typefaces have their own “personalities” and can help convey a tone or attitude,…
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graphic design tools and process illustration

Design Literacy and Why It Matters for Your Brand

Insights from Rachel Flores, Senior Graphic Designer: Design literacy is the ability to understand and discuss how something was created — and whether it’s a successful solution to the problem. I like to think of it as applying the scientific method to design. It begins with asking questions about something you observe, followed by research,…
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How Important is Graphic Design for Your Business?

Insights from Brittany Woodson, our Director of Graphic Design: Every business wants a design that pops and helps them stand out from the competition. But it’s so much more than picking a color and layout — graphic design can really make or break a business. I’ll get into the details, but a strong design will…
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